About us

The Dynamics is an international nonprofit organization established to teach STEM to underprivileged students globally. We bridge both the income and gender gap in STEM through workshops, events, hackathons, mentorship, and outreach programs.

The Problem

Today, around 30% of the world’s researchers are women, less than a third of female students choose to study in STEM fields. Worse, low-income students are nowhere to be found in STEM.

This Gender and income disparity is alarming, despite STEM careers often referred to as the backbone of a sustainable future. Unfortunately, more young people are being idle according to statistics from OECD, ILO and the World Bank. About 200 million people – of whom 75 million are under 25 years old – are unemployed. At least 600 million jobs are needed over the next 15 years to keep current employment rates. If left unattended, idle, and jobless young people will represent a lost generation of valuable human resources. That’s why we are here to make a CHANGE

Our story

The Dynamics started as a book club and a free student-led tutoring service in 2019. The idea sparked after our founder overheard a group of kids lamenting how bad they were lagging in class because of after-school sales activity and their parent’s inability to keep them in school every day despite being a Public High School.

After High School, Opeyemi took a gap year where he moved away from the city he schooled. There, He taught STEM to underprivileged students and often helped them with their school assignments. He dedicated his time working with a lot of NGOs whose mission aligns with his.

In June 2021, The Dynamics became an international non-profit run by high school and college students from over ten countries, with a goal to teach STEM to underprivileged students around the world.

We cannot take credit for our successful start without giving credit to Blessing Folly, a classmate of our founder who gave us the identity, “The Dynamics.”

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